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The Frivol-atility of Media Mismanagement

The following is an op-ed from  Majora K. Vocink  a dedicated reader of the blog and someone that I have served with over my 20 year career. In an age when the necessity for field work in public outreach grows less and less with each technological advancement, the need for responsible and focused messaging via social media and other public platforms is paramount to the message’s success.   While the vast majority of content generated by public affairs divisions across the Air Force is typically and benignly oriented towards serving the community, occasionally the typical morphs into the atypical.   In such cases, the presentation of the message overpowers the message itself, and one misrepresentation undermines the strength of the message entirely.   At best, it can come off as frivolous, and at worst, volatile. Just such a miscalculated media effort recently came at the expense of the professionals at Hill AFB.   Entitled  The Big Picture - PSA #1   (seen above