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I'm not dead or anything

Man, it's been awhile huh? The last time I published an article was in February. Why the long break? Well, it's complicated. My last article was posted at about the 1 year anniversary of my retirement . I had moved to my forever home in my forever state and started a new job. The new job was helping low income and first generation [college] veterans enroll in undergraduate programs all across the great State of Maine. It was the first time in I can't remember how long where my job produced essentially zero stress. More importantly, my entire job was to help veterans reach their goals. Something that I craved since my retirement. I didn't know what this blog was when I first started it. Really, I just wanted to tell a story I had been holding for a long time. Then it gave me the opportunity to relay some of the lessons I learned through my career. Eventually the stories seemed a little less relevant and moved into current Air Force and military events wit