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You need a voice

As many of you know this blog started with me telling stories from my career. Those stories allowed me to explain the path my career took that eventually placed me in a position to affect some positive change for the people that worked for me, and some people that didn't. One time I even managed to write about a  toxic leader abusing his people and get him to stop. It was a bit of a light-bulb moment for me. I could go beyond messages and instead I could be a voice for the silenced and do something to make the military better. So I began writing about problematic decisions and events in the military. I received quite a bit of feedback through messages, texts, comments and shares. It's no coincidence that my blog began exactly three days after my Date of Separation because the truth is, military members don't have a voice. In the Air Force, service members are restricted from sharing their honest thoughts and opinions by varying AFIs and the UCMJ. However, the Air Force Pub